5 curiosities about Brighton

1. Abba's Eurovision success

So many people remember the performance of Abba when they won the Eurovision contest with Waterloo in 1974, but what people do not remember is that this contest was held in the Brighton Dome. Then, Brighton was the backdrop to the famous ABBA's success more than 40 years ago.

2. Oldest Britain's cinema in continuous use

A well-known landmark in Brighton is the recognizable Duke of York's cinema, reputed to be the oldest cinema in continuous use in Britain. Opened in 1910, in 2012 it was voted best Cinema in the UK.

3. National Park

Although Brighton is a coastal city, you only need to travel 10 minutes outside of the city to enjoy its amazing landscapes, as...

The 3 Most Famous Annual Festivals in Brighton

This is just a little part of the events you can find in Brighton during the year.

Brighton Fringe

This festival takes place every weekend in May and is run during the Brighton Festival, contributing big a big number of performers and artists to promote their performances on the streets of Brighton. This festival started being well-known in 2012, and gives a lot of fun and new experiences to every person who want to spend a few days in Brighton. +INFO

Great Escape

The Great Escape festival brings every year a unique music event to Brighton. Internationally knows as a showcase for new artists and music, with over 300 bands performing in over 30 venues in Brighton over the 3 days with...

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