The 3 Most Famous Annual Festivals in Brighton

This is just a little part of the events you can find in Brighton during the year.

Brighton Fringe

This festival takes place every weekend in May and is run during the Brighton Festival, contributing big a big number of performers and artists to promote their performances on the streets of Brighton. This festival started being well-known in 2012, and gives a lot of fun and new experiences to every person who want to spend a few days in Brighton. +INFO

Great Escape

The Great Escape festival brings every year a unique music event to Brighton. Internationally knows as a showcase for new artists and music, with over 300 bands performing in over 30 venues in Brighton over the 3 days with popup street gigs often held around streets of the city. With artists like Ed Sheeran or Tinie Tempah has performed in the Great Escape over the years, it is easy to see why this festival is a key date in the music calendar. +INFO

Brighton Pride Festival

One of the most famous Gay Prides Festivals in Europe, promotes every year equality and diversity with the purpose to eliminate discrimination. Hundreds of thousands of people were gathered only during the celebration in August 2017, a weekend with floats, fairies and dancers along to the famous parade. Music and joy together to be enjoyed at Preston Park in the main event, featuring DJ's and other artists. The party then heads over to the iconic Kemptown where the party ends. The best way to enjoy this Festival is staying in Brighton for a few days. +INFO


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